Sunday, 25 December 2011

How To Treat A Chesty Cough

In the winter time and during the cold season it is not uncommon for us to develop unwanted coughs and chest issues. These can be particularly frustrating as they can disrupt our enjoyment of the xmas and holiday tie. 
     As we run around and stress ourselves silly in preparation for xmas - as well as exposing ourselves more frequently to cold climatic conditions - we may find that our immune systems begin to suffer somewhat and in turn we become more susceptible to the cold and flu virus. This time of year we are also often meeting up with friends and family from different parts of the world - who in turn bring with them strains of cold and flu for which our immune system may not have developed a resistance to yet.
When we consider a cough, it can generally be classified into 2 camps: that is to say either a "chesty" or "dry" cough. The former tend to feature a rather nasty bodily expulsion of phlegm as you cough and clear your throat and windpipe and are often of a more serious nature than dry coughs. 

Treatments and Remedies for a Chesty Cough
Before using any treatment, always read the label and do not exceed the stated dosage.
You will usually find that ailments such as these will eventually clear themselves up by themselves as long as you get rest and relaxation, avoid sport and excessive movements and don’t drink alcohol or smoke. There are however some treatments you can use to help ease and relieve your chesty cough:

Expectorants – Some treatments for chesty coughs act as an expectorant. These treatments work by thinning out the mucus that is blocking up the body and causing the chesty cough. Expectorants also help the body force out the offending mucus from the airways.
Mucolytics – by breaking down the phlegm and mucus thaty have built up in the lungs, mucolytics can also be an effective way of stopping a chesty cough. As with expectorants By thinning out the phlegm in the lungs it makes it much easier for the body to expel the mucus. 
Combination products – Many more modern cough and cold remedies will contain a multitude of different ingredients – so its always very important to ensure you do not take multiple treatments together. They may contain decongestants such as paracetamol so it is key not to take in conjunction with other similar products that contain paracetamol.

Tips For Healthy Skin All Year Round

Ensuring that you are eating and living healthily throughout the year can be beneficial to the long term health and appearance of your skin and help prevent dryness in the colder winter months. Try to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise.

Dry skin can potentially occur at any season during the year. However, you will frequently notice that it is during the harsh and cold winter months that many people suffer from such issues. Low humidity and strong and cold winds can be a strong contributor to the causes of dry skin – and this allied with the unnatural indoor central heating systems we use during the winter can contribute further to the problems of dry skin.

Although it can be tempting to scratch, please try to avoid irritating your dry skin further in this way as it can make the issue worse. You can address the issue of dry skin by using a good quality, non irritable moisturiser that can stop your skin drying out.

In extreme circumstances always contact and visit your doctor to discuss the issue and they may be able to prescribe specialist treatments to tackle the issues, including skin creams that are not available over the counter or on the high street.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

How Many Calories are Burned During Sports?

Everybody knows that in order to keep fit and healthy it is necessary for a person to take part in regular exercise sessions. The exercise you are able to do will naturally vary and perhaps face some limitations as you get older, but it is still important to try and remain as active as you can (without causing yourself injury) if you are to remain fit and healthy.

     The table below displays the approximate amount of calories used by the body in a wide variety of sporting and fitness activities. The figures shown are per hour of sport or exercise completed. You can see that certain intensive exercise programs will of course burn more calories, however even simple activities such as walking everyday can help keep a person healthy.

The table assumes an approximate body weight of 150 lbs:

Basket Ball – 550
Cricket – 350
Golf – 300
Walking – 250
Jogging – 470
Football – 680
Squash - 800

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Great Tips To Help Promote Good Health and Diet

Staying healthy is something that should of course be very important to everybody - but its often easy to forget when living our hectic 21st century lives what we should be doing in order to promote good health. The following posts gives some helpful tips and advice that should help give you the guidance required in order to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Eat a Varied Diet - Man can't live by bread alone, and therefore ensuring you eat a healthy, varied and balanced diet is essential in order to try and promote good health. The body requires around 40 different nutritional elements to be health and this cannot be achieved from eating just one or two types of food. Reading the nutrition information of packets of food in the supermarket can give you guidance on the makeup of that product and help you eat a balanced diet.

Eat Moderate Portions, Frequently - It can often be tempting to pig out but in order to stay healthy it is important not to eat too much. However, ensuring you eat meals on a regular basis - not skipping breakfast or lunch for example - can help keep your hunger in touch and help you avoid excessive binge eating.

Eat Fruit and Vegetables -
The UK guidelines suggest you should be eating 5 portions of either fruit or vegetables every day. Vegetables are high in fibre which helps digestion and also contain essential vitamins that the body needs to be in healthy working order.