Saturday, 24 December 2011

How Many Calories are Burned During Sports?

Everybody knows that in order to keep fit and healthy it is necessary for a person to take part in regular exercise sessions. The exercise you are able to do will naturally vary and perhaps face some limitations as you get older, but it is still important to try and remain as active as you can (without causing yourself injury) if you are to remain fit and healthy.

     The table below displays the approximate amount of calories used by the body in a wide variety of sporting and fitness activities. The figures shown are per hour of sport or exercise completed. You can see that certain intensive exercise programs will of course burn more calories, however even simple activities such as walking everyday can help keep a person healthy.

The table assumes an approximate body weight of 150 lbs:

Basket Ball – 550
Cricket – 350
Golf – 300
Walking – 250
Jogging – 470
Football – 680
Squash - 800

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