Sunday, 25 December 2011

How To Treat A Chesty Cough

In the winter time and during the cold season it is not uncommon for us to develop unwanted coughs and chest issues. These can be particularly frustrating as they can disrupt our enjoyment of the xmas and holiday tie. 
     As we run around and stress ourselves silly in preparation for xmas - as well as exposing ourselves more frequently to cold climatic conditions - we may find that our immune systems begin to suffer somewhat and in turn we become more susceptible to the cold and flu virus. This time of year we are also often meeting up with friends and family from different parts of the world - who in turn bring with them strains of cold and flu for which our immune system may not have developed a resistance to yet.
When we consider a cough, it can generally be classified into 2 camps: that is to say either a "chesty" or "dry" cough. The former tend to feature a rather nasty bodily expulsion of phlegm as you cough and clear your throat and windpipe and are often of a more serious nature than dry coughs. 

Treatments and Remedies for a Chesty Cough
Before using any treatment, always read the label and do not exceed the stated dosage.
You will usually find that ailments such as these will eventually clear themselves up by themselves as long as you get rest and relaxation, avoid sport and excessive movements and don’t drink alcohol or smoke. There are however some treatments you can use to help ease and relieve your chesty cough:

Expectorants – Some treatments for chesty coughs act as an expectorant. These treatments work by thinning out the mucus that is blocking up the body and causing the chesty cough. Expectorants also help the body force out the offending mucus from the airways.
Mucolytics – by breaking down the phlegm and mucus thaty have built up in the lungs, mucolytics can also be an effective way of stopping a chesty cough. As with expectorants By thinning out the phlegm in the lungs it makes it much easier for the body to expel the mucus. 
Combination products – Many more modern cough and cold remedies will contain a multitude of different ingredients – so its always very important to ensure you do not take multiple treatments together. They may contain decongestants such as paracetamol so it is key not to take in conjunction with other similar products that contain paracetamol.

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