Sunday, 25 December 2011

Tips For Healthy Skin All Year Round

Ensuring that you are eating and living healthily throughout the year can be beneficial to the long term health and appearance of your skin and help prevent dryness in the colder winter months. Try to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise.

Dry skin can potentially occur at any season during the year. However, you will frequently notice that it is during the harsh and cold winter months that many people suffer from such issues. Low humidity and strong and cold winds can be a strong contributor to the causes of dry skin – and this allied with the unnatural indoor central heating systems we use during the winter can contribute further to the problems of dry skin.

Although it can be tempting to scratch, please try to avoid irritating your dry skin further in this way as it can make the issue worse. You can address the issue of dry skin by using a good quality, non irritable moisturiser that can stop your skin drying out.

In extreme circumstances always contact and visit your doctor to discuss the issue and they may be able to prescribe specialist treatments to tackle the issues, including skin creams that are not available over the counter or on the high street.

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